About Us

The Lonely Cowboy Company...

Was established to push boundaries and be relentless in the fight to normalize the importance of Mental Health across all aspects of life.

To us, art, media, culture, and community are what lay the groundwork to be at ease with oneself. Our goal is simple: To forge a community in which each one of you can express yourself in your purest form, create unconditional self-confidence, and not apologize for any of it. 


More than anything...

The Lonely Cowboy Company wants to be unforgiving in the pursuit of mental health education across America, and the world. It’s not an expectation that everyone agrees with us or believes that we’re right - and we’ve learned to be okay with that, and embrace it. We are simply here to continue the conversation in the normalization of mental health awareness/acceptance/education, and provide a community for those who haven’t yet found their way. 

The crucible of any impactful change is challenging the opposition. However, Mental Health is a cassius, it can be your most loyal friend, and betray you all in the same day. It is just about the only topic of discussion that doesn't discriminate. 

Being afraid of “cancel culture” is not going to change anything. There has to be real conversations and intent to break the glass ceiling our society has ignored. With generation after generation continuing to tiptoe around the importance of mental health, we are here to showcase it and make it normal in culture. 

We will not apologize, we will stand  our ground, we will make mistakes, and we will learn from them. Our goals and business endeavors will always be striving toward productive change. Giving up when times get tough is not the answer. Lonely Cowboy Company was built to make noise and ruffle feathers. Welcome to the show.

The Reason We Were Created...

I originally started Lonely Cowboy Company in an attempt to combine my love for tattoos, streetwear, and mental health. I quickly realized that our team was onto something much more significant than just that; something that I believe has never been done before. With art, media, culture, and community being at the forefront of what we aim to accomplish, my goal is to give some form of belonging to misunderstood people trying to find their place and purpose in a world that’s riddled with separation, the compulsion of status quo, and clashing egos. 

Why do this? Because I was once that lost soul trying to fit in anywhere that would accept me. Yet, I wasn’t able to truly find myself until I met people going through the same shit as I was. Let’s not pretend I’m fully reformed - I mean who is? Truth is I still battle those demons every day. However, it's a lot easier when you’re surrounded by like minded individuals who choose to take the high road and deal with their shit in a healthy way. 

It seems to me that all the generations before mine chose to ignore their issues, yet no one wants to take responsibility. The responsibility falls on every single person who is selfish enough to not deal with their own shit and then projects their problems onto others, which then starts the fucking cycle over again. The cycle won’t stop until somebody steps up.