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You know, I don’t think I’ve ever put into writing what tattoos truly mean to me. And why I’ve sunk my heart and soul into Lonely Cowboy Company. And why mental health is so important to me.

Mind you, the only reason I am realizing this is cause I made a stupid little video 2 hours prior to writing this (October 19, 2022); reminding me of my high school years, reminding me of how unwell I was, reminding me of how scared and insecure I was, reminding me of all the dark days that I so deeply remember but have since slightly healed from. I did not realize, nor for a second look back to acknowledge how many hours of conscious mental health training I’ve put in to be the man I believe I’ve become. I had the realization that tattoos are the one thing that nobody could ever take away from me. Tattoos are the only true ride or fucking die, with you till the absolute end. They give the type of feelings you could never get anywhere else. My tattoos are with me through everything and that’s why I am so passionate about them. 

ABOUT LONELY COWBOY: I’ve built the infrastructure to a company that uses 10% of ALL profits to fund scholarships for high school students interested in mental health education, across the country. That alone is what I am most proud of. Add on tattoo artists all across America, helping fuel that dream by donating clothing designs and picking the schools to offer scholarships. That is a BADASS fucking company. You have a community of the most rebellious, misunderstood, grungy, “I don’t give a FUCK what you think” badass, tatted up individuals, going up against the outdated, embarrassing education system. And we aren’t even attacking! We are killing them with kindness by awarding $500 to students interested in mental health education. And once these scholarships start to gain traction, we come for their throats. Burying them with success. Absolutely obliterating the education system. And leaving them no choice but to acknowledge and implement better mental health education programs. This is how history is made. THIS is history, we are witnessing it right in front of our face everyday. The train has left the station, we have a chance to take it to the moon. So why the hell not. 

Time stamp this, save it for the textbooks. Today is October 19th, 2022. I’m saying it here first - Lonely Cowboy Company will go down in history as a leader in mental health education reform in the United States. There will be news headlines reading “Lonely Cowboy Company and hundreds of tattoo artists in America have offered/sponsored over 1000 scholarships in 1000 different public schools across the nation” 

You may be thinking “this dude wild.” And to those people I say, WHY not? WHY not me? WHY not Lonely Cowboy Company? We see the PROBLEM with the outdated education system. And we have a SOLUTION to infiltrating schools with POSITIVE energy; offering a simple scholarship. And to be honest, it’s not about the scholarship. It’s about sending a message to schools saying “hey we’re coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop up. We are forcing the prioritization of mental health education down your throat. Y’all better get your shit together soon cause we are COMING” 

Once we have funded enough money to offer more than just scholarships, we start putting our efforts into implementing programs in schools/ boys & girls clubs. It could be introduced as, “The Lonely Cowboy Program: where students learn practical life skills like building healthy habits, taking care of basic health, reading business books, financial literacy books, etc”. 

Next thing you know, 100 years later, Lonely Cowboy Company is being taught and talked about as the company that made history and changed the whole education system that had NEEDED REFORM FOR YEARS. We have an opportunity to help our youth and future generations in an ENORMOUS way and it cannot wait. We cannot afford to wait any longer. We need these scholarships in schools NOW. We need change NOW. We need people to be learning about taking care of themselves from a young age NOW. 

Our world does not look promising. And it is sad. Mental illness cases through the fucking roof, overdoses through the fucking roof, suicide through the fucking roof. Clearly some shit needs to change and it starts with creating a better tomorrow for our kids and our kids, kids. 

I feel such a deep obligation to see this vision through because I have 100% confidence that this will all happen. To me it’s already done. The articles are already written about Lonely Cowboy Company’s impact on education reform. I can already see the documentary being taught in the new and improved education system. 

The vision is so clear to me. I am at peace the most with myself when I’m stressing that vision. And I simply cannot and will not give up until this vision/dream is a reality. 

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