Hannah Matthews - South Jordan, UT Tattoo Artist - #9 'Behind the Ink'

Hannah Matthews - South Jordan, UT Tattoo Artist - #9 'Behind the Ink'

We would like to thank Hannah for donating designs used on the AND YOU TATTOO x LONELY COWBOY collaboration tee, available now (CLICK HERE). Because of her donation and desire to help the community, we are able to continue funding our Lonely Cowboy Scholarships - offered in high schools across the US, awarded to students interested in mental health education.




#1 - Why do you believe taking care of your own mental health is important? 

I am a mom of two young kids. They count on me to be there for them, to show up for them. And I can’t fill their cup if mine is empty.

 hannah matthews tattoo

#2 - What are some practices you do daily to make sure your mental health needs are being met?

Start each day with a grateful and abundance mindset!

 hannah matthews tattoo

#3 - What's one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Go with your gut. Your higher self/instincts are so real and have your best interest in mind!! I wouldn’t be where I am without trusting my instincts!


#4 - How do you think the education system could do better for mental health education?

Mental health wasn’t a topic of conversation whatsoever when I was in school. So I think it’s important for kids to have a space that they can go to be heard, but also be educated on the why’s and how’s of mental health issues.

 hannah matthews tattoo

#5 - What are stereotypes that aren’t true about heavily tattooed individuals?

I could go on for days about this topic!! Growing up heavily involved in the mormon church in a very dense mormon population, there were many stereotypes of getting tattoos/being tattooed. Mostly being along the lines of that they’re a bad influence

 hannah matthews tattoo

#6 - Give positive words of wisdom/encouragement directed to the next generation of tattoo artists/artists in general

Successful people are consistently talking about how consistency is the key to success. Keep going, keep pushing, keep creating.

 hannah matthews tattoo

#7 - Do you believe tattoos need to have meaning? 

No, not at all!

Follow Hannah on IG @andyoutattoo to see more of her work!

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