Audrey Kacel - Holland, MI Tattoo Artist - #4 'Behind the Ink'

Audrey Kacel - Holland, MI Tattoo Artist - #4 'Behind the Ink'

We would like to thank Audrey for donating designs used on the AUDREY KACEL x LONELY COWBOY collaboration tee, available now (CLICK HERE). Because of her donation and desire to help the community, we are able to continue funding our Lonely Cowboy Scholarships - offered in high schools across the US, awarded to students interested in mental health education.


Audrey Kacel Q+A:


#1 - Why do you believe taking care of your own mental health is important? 

Taking care of your mental health impacts every aspect of your life, from social to emotional. Having a healthy mental state helps in maintaining relationships and your day to day life.

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#2 - What are some practices you do daily to make sure your mental health needs are being met?

I think it’s super important to have a morning routine. For me I wake up get ready, always making sure I have time to hang out with my cats and grab a coffee at my favorite coffee shop before work

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#3 - What's one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

To not be afraid of what other people think of me and be myself. You get where you want to be in life faster that way

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#4 - How do you think the education system could do better for mental health education?

Often times I think kids who are struggling fall through the cracks, my high school didn’t have any kind of psychological or guidance help, I think all schools should have something like that


#5 - What are stereotypes that aren’t true about heavily tattooed individuals?

We aren’t all criminals and bad people, luckily I think that stereotype is changing a lot

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#6 - Give positive words of wisdom/encouragement directed to the next generation of tattoo artists/artists in general

Don’t be intimidated by tattoo shops and artists, you’ll find a shop where you fit in, it just might take a few tries!


#7 - Do you believe tattoos need to have meaning? 

I think tattoos can have meaning, but I definitely don’t think they have to. I have a lot of silly tattoos and tattoos that I just wanted cause I like them. I think about collecting tattoos as collecting art


Follow Audrey on IG @kaceltattoos to see more of her work!

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I have been following you and your art, and I am so impressed with your work. Of course, you are still my favorite granddaughter!❤️

Florence Salata

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