Annabelle Warren - Austin, TX Tattoo Artist - #5 'Behind the Ink'

Annabelle Warren - Austin, TX Tattoo Artist - #5 'Behind the Ink'

We would like to thank Annabelle for donating designs used on the THE FEMALE GOTHIC x LONELY COWBOY collaboration tee, available now (CLICK HERE). Because of her donation and desire to help the community, we are able to continue funding our Lonely Cowboy Scholarships - offered in high schools across the US, awarded to students interested in mental health education.

Annabelle Warren Q+A:

#1 - Why do you believe taking care of your own mental health is important? 

To take care of your own mental health is to take care of others. It becomes impossible to engage and connect with people if you are tethered to your own mental illness.

 annabelle warren tattoo

#2 - What are some practices you do daily to make sure your mental health needs are being met?

First of all, I am medicated! About 3 years ago I came to a breaking point, where none of the natural methods were working for me. I feared “losing myself” to psych medications, as if they would strip me of my personality and make me a shell of a person. Quite the opposite has been the case—I am infinitely more capable of staying focused, motivated, and intrigued by the people around me. I have better access to my emotions, and I have the patience to try and understand them. 

I also try to say “yes” to going places whenever I am physically able—it may seem much more comfortable to stay in and watch movies on the couch, but when I get out and DO THINGS, I feel better about myself.

 annabelle warren tattoo

#3 - What's one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

  1. Never let a man convince you that you inherently come second to him.
  2. Read more.
  3. Drink less.
  4. Listen to your gut feelings.
  5. Heed the red flags.
  6. Draw like your silly little life depends on it—there is no limit to what you’re capable of. Any time you draw anything, you get better and increase your own value. It’s okay to feel frustrated, and to be hard on yourself, and to rejoice in your success. Your intensity is not a weakness.

 annabelle warren

#4 - How do you think the education system could do better for mental health education?

I think there should be much stronger consideration and accommodations made for young neurodivergent people. I know this is incredibly complicated, not just in management but in research and diagnosis—but people on the Autism spectrum, people with ADHD, people with dyslexia, etc. have so much genius and potential that they are denied access to because of a rigid education system.


#5 - What are stereotypes that aren’t true about heavily tattooed individuals?

  1. Their ability to parent is questionable.
  2. They are uneducated.
  3. They do it for vanity.
  4. They are compensating for something.
  5. They will look bad when they get older (old people with tattoos look cool as hell).


#6 - Give positive words of wisdom/encouragement directed to the next generation of tattoo artists/artists in general

Focus on your creativity. The best way to climb to success is to do something different, especially in such a saturated industry. Try new methods, be TOO ambitious. Take big risks in your art; you will be surprised to see how your work can touch somebody’s heart.

 annabelle warren tattoo

#7 - Do you believe tattoos need to have meaning? 

Hell nah. Not all artwork has meaning, but all art has context—a pastoral landscape oil painting doesn’t necessarily have a message or sentiment, but the time and location and artist provide context and breathe life into the work. The same goes for tattoos—the meaning is already imbued in you.

 annabelle warren

Follow Annabelle on IG @thefemalegothic to see more of her work!

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