#1 Behind the Ink - INTRO

#1 Behind the Ink - INTRO

Yo! Welcome to “Behind the Ink” blog - written in an effort to highlight tattoo artists and showcase the artists ‘behind the ink’.

Tattoo artists featured on this blog have donated a design to the company, helping us create/sell our clothing that funds The Lonely Cowboy Scholarships offered in high schools across the country.

The Lonely Cowboy Scholarship Fund holds 10% of all profits from the company. Each time the scholarship fund reaches $500, we offer 1 new scholarship at a different high school. Our goal is to offer 50 scholarships in 50 different public schools across America by June of 2023.

Even though tattoos have recently become more accepted in society and culture, there are still plenty of small minded individuals that deem tattoos as unprofessional, frowned upon, and disrespectful. Lonely Cowboy Company wants to not only discredit those stereotypes all together, but also show how the tattoo community is making an immediate impact regarding mental health education in schools across America.

Call us unprofessional, disrespectful, bad influences, whatever it may be - we do not care. Nobody can take away the fact that our community is talking the talk and walking the walk. For lack of better words, we get shit done.

Once our scholarships are established around the country and Lonely Cowboy Company featured tattoo artists are at the forefront for mental health education change, we then hope to implement programs for kids in/outside schools to help develop their skills as students to their own brains.

Hardships and adversity are inevitable in life. We want the next generation to be confident in their ability to handle stress in healthy ways (whatever it may be). We want to break the generational trauma cycle that continues to be passed down and ignored.

Waiting for a solution to the mental health crisis we have in our country is not helping anyone. We need change NOW. With the help of tattoo artists across America, we truly believe that the Lonely Cowboy Community can BE THE CHANGE.
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Do you have any v neck style shirts or tank tops? If not more form fitting style shirts like those for the ladies would be clutch! Thanks!


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